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We CAN do this!

[Motherhood (n.): a lesson in gratitude]

It has been 7 weeks since I became a mother! Our little cherub has put many things in perspective. I have a feeling this is just the beginning. For now, I am counting my blessings, which are many!

I’m thankful this lanky, little bundle of good natured joy who’s joined our family has gotten to meet ALL his grandparents AND two of his greats!

I am thankful that despite our infant’s demanding feeding schedule, and my husband’s 17 hour shifts twice-a-week to prove his worth (and some might say, insanity) I’ve still found myself fiercely loving them both in spite of the hours they keep!

And most importantly, I’m thankful for our amazingly loving and supportive group of family and friends who have kept melting my heart and stunning me with all their generosity! WE CAN, because of what they DO. Be it meal or vegetable deliveries, grocery runs, endless gifts of new and old baby gear,  visits on gentle walks outside (as we try to navigate what supportive and welcoming is supposed to look like for a new mother and baby in the midst of a pandemic),  or just a thoughtful phone call, text, email, note, or postcard to “check in”. 

As I bellowed at my husband while laboring in the backseat of our Kia Sorrento on the way to the hospital,

 “We CAN do this!” 

Let us remember to hang tough this winter, not forgetting to count our blessings, keep a sense of humor about us, and share in the joy of the simple things in these dark days. 

Coming soon: old blog posts republished and more recipes, foods, and “experiments” (as I like to call my hapoy-and-yes, sometimes…-not-so-happy- mistakes made in the kitchen!) I’ve tried or tasted as a new parent.


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