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It’s official…

Emily’s learning about nutrition… & technology!

For years co-workers have begging for a vibrant email or blog regarding the Edgewater Kitchen going-ons. (Ok, so maybe not begging, but certainly wishing for more of an online presence.) Some are getting fed up (no pun intended!) with the text messaged pictures and long-winded emails that feel like they’re torn from my diary pages.

Finally, I am coming to terms with what website services provide.    

In an attempt to discover & practice using “technological avenues” (like websites & blogs), while getting my feet wet in learning more about the power of food over our minds and bodies…  without tarnishing Edgewater Farm’s reputation in the process…

I, Emily McNamara, do solemnly swear, that I will attempt to keep up with these short news-letter-esque blogs at least once a month to keep you in the loop about what I’m learning.  I would love you all of you to send me your own conversational insights, questions, concerns, controversial tidbits, recipes & whatever else you have on your mind to: (a new email linked to my fresh faced naivete as a Nutritional Therapy student.)  Whatever you do, keep it respectful and tie it back to food!

I look forward to keeping you posted on what I’m learning.  And hearing what you think.

Enjoy the wild ride of my interpretations of how to support good health with food!