Nutritional Therapy is a guide in helping you discover where your personal stressor(s) are by working with your body’s innate wisdom.   This practice uncovers what nutrients, foods, and lifestyle will best support your unique goals & lays the groundwork for your body to best nourish itself.

There are six foundations we focus on in our work:

1) a Nutrient Dense, Properly Prepared, Nutrient Dense, Whole Food Diet

(yes it’s a mouthful! No pun intended.)

2) Digestion

3) Blood Sugar Regulation

4) Hydration

5) Fatty Acid Handling

6) Mineral Balance

At this point you may be wondering…  How does a Nutritional Therapy consultation work?  

A typical 1-on-1 consultation looks like this: 

1. We have an initial 15 minute phone consultation (and/or email dialogue) to learn how we might work together.

2. I send you an initial interview, food and mood journal, and nutritional assessment questionaire (NAQ) to complete that gets into the nitty gritty of how your body currently functions & set goals for how you will feel if your Nutritional Therapy consultation is a success.  These are often difficult to take the time to complete, but are critical for your success!

3. We have a follow-up ZOOM* meeting (and/or FUNCTIONAL EVALUATION)to learn more about your health history & discuss areas in your body that need nutritional support. 

4. I analyze all the data that we’ve collected & send you a Recommendations Report. We meet again within 2-3 weeks  to discuss the best way to help support the stressors that your body is facing- whether it be supplementation, specific foods, or lifestyle goals. 

5. We follow up in 1- 3 month increments for 45-60 minute consultations, or as often you wish.  I generally recommend monthly check-ins to discuss questions and assess progress.  At the 3 months you will complete the NAQ & I offer another Functional Evaluation if you’d like.   

The most important piece of this process is understanding that change takes time!  There is never one simple fix with the Nutritional Therapy, our body is woven together in ways we are only just beginning to understand.  It can take years for this type of work with our bodies to take effect.  Most practitioners recommend clients start with a goal of working together for at least three months.


$200/ Initial Session

  • Interview 
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionaire
  • Food & Mood Journal Analysis
  • Consultation(1 hour)
  • Customized Recommendations Report with supplement, food & lifestyle suggestions

$75/ 45-60 Minute Consultations  (I recommend every 1-3 months for effective change)

  • Discuss and assess challenges & opportunities
  • Evaluate strengths & weaknesses of suggested supplement, food & lifestyle changes 
  • At 3 months, re-complete Nutritional Assessment Questionaire & Food & Mood Journal
  • Create Revisions & Update Recommendations Report at each visit

FUNCTIONAL EVALUATION- $75/ 60-90 minute Session

  • Explores areas that need more nutritional support by palpating reflex points on your body

MEAL PLANNING- $100/month

  • Whole food, nutrient dense recipes & meal plans for 1 month based on your specific needs

2021 “BUDDING NOURISHMENT” CALENDAR- now on sale for $15/each!

  • Hand-drawn & illustrated with seasonal Nutritional Therapy Tips & Tricks 

*In times outside of COVID I normally would conduct something called the Functional Evaluation.  We welcomed a new baby to our family this past fall, so to preserve our immune systems, while trying to maintaining our sanity, I am minimizing contact with those outside our circle of immediate family.  

If you decide you’d like to have me conduct a Functional Evaluation & have an in-person visit, we can discuss this further!  Essentially, there are different reflex points on your body linked to spots where the autonomic nerve ganglion branches off the spinal column to specific organs that can be tested for a tenderness rating.  These points change when a certain nutrient is placed on your tongue.  This testing is another piece of the puzzle that can help us hone in on specific nutrients or body systems that need support.   

The good news is, if you prefer not to be “poked” (as my husband calls it), we can still learn a significant amount from the information I collect from your initial interview and nutritional assessment by working remotely.

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