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2022’s Inspiration

As the days lengthen & the taste of spring is in the air (accompanied not long after by the howl of the latest No’easter blowing in!) I often find myself sorting through recipes, looking to my old collection of cookbooks, and tagged favorites on my ancient laptop.

Until I decide how to tap into a better format, here’s some of the web inspiration I’ve been chewing on lately…

Just Take A Bite with Mary Voogt: Effective Answers to Food Aversions & Food Challenges

Reading the Body with Margi Flint. Sounds interesting, but haven’t delved into fully… yet!

Tongue Assessment with Larken Bunce, class now offered here

Dr. …. practical, simple inspiration for familes on the go … not all “nutritional therapy approved” but great information for tightening the food budget!


cookie + kate … my summer go-to site for how to put veggies to good use! … my long-time co-worker & friend shared this winter & it’s inspired me to get some reusable bags to try working with some of my own recipes. Love the concept & excited for Edgewater Farm to start offering something similar (in the next decade… maybe?!)

Harmonized Cookery with Lisa Mase… she originally inspired me to pursue my interest in nutrition after working together on recipe testing for a Vermont-based company. Her pecan pie bars were just the thing for my sweet tooth this holiday season! (look under November 25, 2021).

A Food Centric Life with Sally Cameron… more tasty & healthy whole foods! Hooray!

Thriving Health with Maria Adam… inspired me to pursue a Nutritional Therapy Certification. Her stuffing was a huge hit at Thanksgiving this year (DESPITE it’s non-traditional nature!)

Precision Nutrition … great articles & fun reads on debated topics. Especially loved this read on “Superfoods vs. Regular Foods”

Time to throw some more logs into the wood furnace & get breakfast ready!

My most recent cookbook highlights will be in the next post. In the meantime, get in touch if you want to share where you’re finding your food inspiration or to learn more!

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